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The Band

Inka Jam's music includes originals from the band members and some traditional covers in a variety of styles with an Andean flare. Many of the pieces also include a dance performance in traditional costume. We play Huaynos, Cumbia, Salsa, Boleros, Trova and Afro-Peruvian. A lot of 6/8 and syncopated rhythms which usually draw the crowd to dance. Due to the novelty of certain rhythms we usually step out to teach the crowd some basic steps and then involve them in the dancing. Most of the songs have lyrics and we encourage audience participation in the choruses or the people might just sing along the whole song. Rather than a distant concert this is a trans-formative musical experience.



The Artists

Luciana Proaño; dancer percussionist from Peru with extensive career in Europe, Mexico and South America.


JB Butler, long time Jazz, Blues, Electronic and Latin guitarist, Fulbright Scholar.


Rio Butler, percussionist and vocalist. Rio is the


Tito Amaya, from el Salvador, vocalist and multi-intrumentalist in the same vein as Alex. Has toured all over Central and North America as well as Hawaii.


Audience Reviews

"It was really great having them. The music was agreeable for everyone of our guests. Many compliments. They do a wonderful job. Very professional. Even had a dance lesson for guests. It was perfect for us. I highly recommend them. Also, having live music was a great treat for family and friends."

- D. Silva 

“I love the vibrancy of the costumes”


The atmosphere was brought to life with

INKA JAM leading the way for a grand time. 


“I loved your show! Beautiful work!”


"Thank you for facilitating such a wonderful and educational workshop on Peruvian dance and culture! Many expressed your workshop as one of their favorites for the week! We appreciate your time." - Lupe

"!!!!   What a great performance, Luciana!!!" KZ regarding Noche Nochera 

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