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Performances may include a catering of Peruvian food: empanadas, causa, alfajores, mazamorra morada and chicha (purple corn drink)

The performance is best on a proscenium stage with full lighting and sound equipment. 

Adaptations are available for smaller spaces and we can also present it with recorded music.

Minimum number of performers is 3. 

Maximum number of performers is 8.

All the Mary's length is 50min

The Last Inca Princess is 15min

Party with Inka Jam, length negotiable, 

Call 971-275-0595

or write

for pricing and availability 

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All The Marys

All the Marys pays homage to the women past and present. I have been inspired by Ana de Orbegoso's Urban Virgins which have been parading Peru for 10 years and have been dreaming of inhabiting them since I first saw them 10 years ago. Having been brought up in Peru, the mystery of colonial paintings and prehispanic culture has always intrigued me, as well as the strength of the women that I have come across in my family and my life. I am dedicating this celebration to all  women in my past and future, with all my love to our mother Earth.

I dance with freedom and spontaneity, so glad to have Inka Jam provide the music for my imagination. 

The evening will also host Ana's short award winning film: "The Last Inca Princess" and a closing party with Inka Jam.

Audience Praise:

"You were beautiful and gracious and thought provoking, as usual!" LM

“You did such a marvelous job!!” IB


“Wow! You are Incredibly amazing” IH


“This was fabulous! Your family is simply amazing.”  KZT


“I loved your show! Beautiful work!” ATM


“Everything was great! I enjoyed your show a lot!” -JP


“Great event! Extraordinary performance by Luciana. The short film by Ana de Orbegoso was very powerful also. I'm lucky to have met you, Luciana.” -ICB


“Love it” -PZ


“Que envidia !trabajar con Luciana es maravilloso!” -GB


“I love the vibrancy of the costumes” -AK


“Te quiero mucho Tanito! Congrats!” -LCS


“Luciana increíble y mágica” -SS


“Maravillosa Luciana como siempre” -CM


“Espectacular!” -RD


“Wonderful evening honoring Peruvian artists & celebrating South American culture” -MTT


“Anoche estuve allí, fue fascinante, quede encantada... mis felicitaciones!!” -CF


"And finally, am so glad I got to see Luciana’s performance and multi-media show. Very thought, heart and soul provoking – made me feel part of the Earth in a visceral way but also part of our species in all its duality…" -EP


“Jan and I both really enjoyed it. You were beautiful and gracious and thought provoking, as usual!” -LM


“That was fantastic!” -RR


“Luciana was angelic” -MR







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