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The Fruit Spread

El Cajon


Cedar Flute


With a band name like ours and such a good cook in the band, we had to make our signature jams!

But when we got the license we were not allowed to call them jam because we don't use sugar! So here is Inka Jam The Fruit Spread!


Imagined and created by Luciana Proano in 6 exotic flavors:


Haiku: Persimmon-Tamarind.

Dragon's Breath: Papaya-Tomatoe-Hot chilies.

Follow Me Tenderly: Pear-Meyer Lemon.

Welcome to Earth: Pineapple-Yam-Anise

Monkey King: Banana-Orange-Cardamom.

Wink at Me: Quince-Apple.


$8 per 8oz Jar.

4 for $30


Call 971-275-0595 to order, I will deliver in Portland.


We stock numerous hardwoods that you can incorporate into your drum’s body  when designing your one-of-a-kind custom cajon drum. Building process takes 1 to 2 weeks



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During the last decade I developed new flute making techniques that I have applied to many others types of Andean flutes such as the sampoña (also known as a panflute) and the river cane flute.

I began to think seriously about making my own charango 5 years ago after getting inspired by a fellow luthier.  
I started reading and researching about the techniques of making this wonderful instrument.  My father bought me my first charango when I was 12 from a neighbor who was a musician and instrument maker.  It had the form of a panther carved on it.  I loved the instrument and I remember spending some time working in a nearby shop helping finish stringed instruments. Today I have my own workshop in which I spend part of every day working on my musical instruments.  This enables me to continue the connection to my past and inspires me to further my knowledge of this craft which brings joy to my family, my friends, and my community.


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